Land areas

At all times, the agricultural products grown in the fertile lands of our country were noted for their excellent taste and ecological safety, which is highly valued around the world. Our company hascompletely mastered land areas, as well as mastering acquired recently.

Our total land area is 800 hectares, and we are continuing to expand our land for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Currently these lands are grown an eggplants, various elite varieties of paprika, salads (iceberg, Lola Ross Romano, etc.) also there are located a gardens where cherries, peaches, plums and apricots are being grown. Products are being delivered in fresh and dried form. From 2016 it is planned freeze foods production.

On all land areas created a modern complexes for employees with dining room, recreation room and all the necessary conditions.


For the growing products it is used an imported seeds of Holland («Enza Zaden») and Turkey («Albayrak», «Anamas Tohum»).  Manufacturers. The seedlings of fruit trees purchased from the

Turkishcompany «Parlar Fidancilik»  are used for planting peach, cherry, plum and apricot. Import of seeds has improved the quality and quantity of grown raw materials, as well as it increased competitiveness of our products in the international food market.

For cultivation of products in the areas we are using a modern, full automatic equipment of the world leaders in the development of advanced solutions for drip irrigation. All components and drip irrigation technologies has been purchased from the “Netafim” company – leading manufacturer in this field.

Also at the disposal of the company there are greenhouses for growing seedlings before planting in the open ground. Greenhouses are equipped with the modern boom system(irrigation system) and a ventilation system.


Name Quantity Name Quantity
Cultivators  4 pcs. Garden pollinators 4 pcs.
Ploughs 5 pcs. Vertical milling cultivator 2 pcs.
Rippers 2 pcs.  Transplanters 3 pcs.
Drills 4 pcs. Greenery remowers 1 pcs.

Gold Dried Fruits Export rightly proud of fields with drip irrigation for growing herbs and vegetables, intensive orchards, plant with advanced equipment, well-organized process and highly qualified specialists