Independent international auditors have confirmed the high standards of the company’s products, as well as the compliance of production with strict international standards.
GLOBALG.A.P. is the most widespread certification program in the world that confirms the compliance of farms and their products with G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) standards developed by organizations subordinate to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Health and the European Association of Retailers.
This standard is aimed at minimizing risks and ensuring the safety of food products throughout the entire technological chain, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment.

The management of ORIENT AGRO EXPORT held negotiations with representatives of “ФТД” LLC.
As a result of the negotiations, an agreement was reached that in 2022-2023 the sales of the agri-holding’s products to Russian partners will increase by more than 3 times.
It is expected that for 2022-2023, the agri-holding sells greenhouse products worth more than 4,000,000 US dollars with an advance payment of 25%. For comparison, for the same period 2021-2022, the volume of greenhouse products sold by ORIENT AGRO EXPORT for “ФТД” LLC amounted to 1,250,000 US dollars.
As part of the negotiations, the companies also agreed to continue mutually beneficial cooperation and expand the product line for the Russian market.

On 14.07.2022, in our orchard “Gold Fresh Fruits”, located in the Turakurgan district of Namangan region, the another visit of GlobalG.A.P. auditor has passed. The auditor, having examined our fruits, namely plum, peach and nectarine, discussed issues regarding cultivation, irrigation and harvesting. This event is part of the certification process. Our orchard has also applied for certification other fruits such as cherries, apricots and flat peach, which are expected to get GlobalG.A.P. certified soon.

Within the framework of the sixth meeting of the Uzbek-German Business Forum held in Tashkent, representatives of German companies visited Orient Agro Export and agreed on further cooperation.

During their visit, representatives of such well-known German companies as Deutsche Bank, KFW IPEX-Bank, DELCREDA, GRIMME and German Sparkassenstiftung got acquainted with the products of the agricultural holding, held talks with the management of Orient Agro Export and expressed their willingness to develop cooperation with the company, including in terms of supplying the company’s products to the German market, attracting additional investments in the industry, as well as introducing advanced European agricultural technologies in Uzbekistan.

19.10.2020 the management of the company “GOLD DRIED FRUITS EXPORT” (head Nasretdinov S.S. and commercial director Khaidarov Kh.T.) arrived in the UAE to negotiate with the company NRTC (head of OMAR AL RIFAI) for the supply of Uzbek fruit and vegetable products to this region. The meeting was organized with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UAE (Consul I. Ergashev). The NRTC company is one of the largest companies that imports agricultural products from all over the world. The warehouse was shown to our delegation and the requirements for the supplied products were explained.

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